A Nashville Brewery for Every Enneagram Number

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Finally, an enneagram guide for beer lovers!

Note: Before conducting research for this post, I felt underwhelmed with the craft beer options throughout Music City. After my taproom tours, I feel a renewed excitement for our local beer joints. Since I couldn’t find a place on this list for all my favorite stops, I listed other standout breweries at the bottom of this page.

1 (The Reformer) – Various Artists

Even the most meticulous Reformer will be hard-pressed to find an area needing improvement at Various Artists. Showcasing a wacky and warm culture, the owners are clearly conscientious about every element. Between the handwritten Haiku framed in the women’s restroom, the weekly Klackers league, perfectly woodworked tabletops, bring-your-own-vinyl nights, and intentional greetings for everyone who walks through the door, Various Artists is an environment ripe for regulars. To get an idea of the quirky culture of this quintessential brewery, read the hilarious FAQ on their website. (Ones will especially appreciate the refusal to put good beer in a dirty growler.)

Photos: @variousartistsbrewing

2 (The Helper) – Harding House Brewing Co.

Grabbing a beer at Harding House feels like being invited to a Helper’s home for dinner. The owners are committed to making a shared beer feel like breaking bread together in fellowship, and they provide thoughtful touches including kind counter-service, full water bowls for furry friends, intentional employee appreciation, and generous support of local nonprofits through charity pints and fundraisers. Knowing twos’ longing for acknowledgment, Harding House shows appreciation to its ingredients through a brewing philosophy that prioritizes hyper-seasonal produce and encourages regenerative agricultural practices. Anyone who calls a two a friend will find a familiar loving companion in Harding House.

3 (The Achiever) – Tennessee Brew Works

Like an Achiever’s carefully curated Instagram grid, Tennessee Brew Works presents itself as professional and modern. Nashvillized branding delights locals and tourists, with “finely tuned craft beers” named after country legends, a regular lineup of live music, high-class southern food, and a stylish patio and indoor space. Touting accolades from Thirsty Orange Brew Festival, TBW is no stranger to success. Constantly chasing over-the-top excellence, the house chef seems to show off a bit with the incorporation of beers into each of the food items on the menu. For threes, this image-conscious brewery will score a perfect 10.

Photos: @tnbrewworks

4 (The Individualist) – Proper Sake

Wondering how a sake stop made it onto a brewery list? Recently, this unique tasting room announced its release of Nashville’s first Japanese-style beer. Bringing the free-flying flair of an Individualist to the 615, Proper Sake offers Koji gold lagers, unfiltered sakes, multi-colored mochi, and delectable dumplings. An aesthetically pleasing environment and small batched beers will feed the artistic soul of pint-loving fours.

5 (The Investigator) – Bearded Iris

Unirked by revolving trends, the consistently delicious Bearded Iris has achieved local and regional acclaim for its intelligent brews. Initial quirks show through in the checkerboard floor and slightly cold atmosphere, but give the place a chance and the things that gave you pause will become the things you love the most. Investigators will find solace here through a respectable knowledge of beer, welcome home for theoretical conversations, and cerebral beer names including Double Scatterbrain, Ever Clever, and Tunnel Vision. Instead of sucking the energy out of introverts, Bearded Iris can provide fives with a slow but steady battery charge.

Photos: @beardediris

6 (The Loyalist) – East Nashville Beer Works

The most tangible community feel in town is located at East Nashville Beer Works. With its “beer is community” mission, friendly bar service, and affordable Mug Club, this brewery encourages Loyalists to settle in and return often. Whether the safety-seeking six wants a low-key evening chatting with a familiar bartender or a friend-packed pizza night around a firepit, this is the place to be. The trendy but homey taproom features a variety of conflicting environments that somehow work together to form a cohesive experience. For instance, a playful dog mural says, “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” while skillful branding and beer-can designs say, “we know what we’re doing.” Sixes—known for being bundles of opposites—will easily fit in.

7 (The Enthusiast) – Tailgate

Adventure-thirsty sevens won’t be able to conceal their excitement when they enter one of three Tailgate locations scattered throughout Nashville. With frequent new releases on the seemingly endless tap list and spacious rooms full of large tables, Tailgate is party-ready for the seven’s oodles of best friends. An ever-changing calendar keeps the Enthusiast excited and engaged, with events including outdoor movies, comedy shows, bingo nights, taproom trivia, and burpee boot camps. Full of new experiences, Tailgate is the perfect place for happy-go-lucky locals.

Photos: @tailgatebrewery

8 (The Challenger) – Diskin Cider

Daring to go where no Nashville taproom has gone before, Diskin Cidery offers a rotating list of ciders and beers. The owners boldly promote their “dangerously good” cider and show their ego-centric nature through the stated mission: “We do f**king cool sh*t.” Eights feel more than comfortable with the confrontational nature of Diskin, and they champion the shop’s ability to challenge the business of traditional breweries around town. Like any attention-demanding Challenger, the industrious space has easily made a name for itself.

9 (The Peacemaker) – Smith & Lentz

Moments after entering Smith & Lentz, visitors feel a comfort akin to petting a docile old doggo or cuddling under a weighted blanket. The room’s dimmed lights, local mood music, and quality furniture combine to form a peaceful night in the taproom. Service can be slow, but as slothful nines know, there is no reason to rush here. Passive service encourages patient living. A take a book/leave a book sign encourages visitors to stay and read a while as they unwind from work, and a combination of party-size tables and private two-tops allow groups to engage however they’d like. Peacemakers will feel at home here, as they see friends and strangers settling into a deeper calm with each sip of their beer.

Photos: @smithandlentzbeer

Other Standout Breweries

Jackalope @ The Ranch – spacious, group-friendly stop in Wedgewood Houston

Czann’s – esoteric, downtown drinkery with beers sold exclusively in the 615

Black Abbey – unassuming, neighborly “fellowship hall” in South Nashville

New Heights – homey space serving beer flights in muffin tins on 5th Ave

Blackstone – tucked-away taproom serving generous flights and fish and chips west of downtown

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